Obama, Clinton meet at Feinstein’s DC home (Update)

Looks like Obama and Clinton will be sitting down face-to-face for a little discussion about this whole presidential election thing. The meeting took placer earlier this evening at the home of California Senator Diane Feinstein in Washington, DC.

Story from MSNBC:

WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton met late Thursday with Barack Obama, a day after saying she would end her quest for the Democratic nomination and endorse the Illinois senator.

A senior Obama campaign official confirmed to NBC News that Obama delayed his departure from Washington Thursday night to meet with Clinton at her home here.

Earlier, Clinton had disavowed efforts by some supporters who have urged Obama to choose her as his running mate.

“She is not seeking the vice presidency, and no one speaks for her but her,” communications director Howard Wolfson said. “The choice here is Senator Obama’s and his alone.”

Clinton was planning an event in Washington Saturday to thank supporters and urge them to back Obama’s candidacy. But as she was bowing out of the race, supporters in Congress and elsewhere were ramping up a campaign to pressure him to put her on the ticket in the No. 2 spot.

So if she’s really not seeking the number 2 spot then what was all the racket about this week? Her campaign mentioned she’d be “open” to it which means that she’s basically accepted the fact that she won’t be going any further than the VP spot this time around.

More as it develops..


A more complete story from Yahoo News with statements from the respective campaigns:

WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton and likely Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama met privately Thursday night to talk about uniting the Democratic Party.

“Senator Clinton and Senator Obama met tonight and had a productive discussion about the important work that needs to be done to succeed in November,” their campaigns said in joint statement.

The statement included no details of their talks, as pressure mounted for Obama to invite Clinton to become his running mate.

Robert Gibbs, an Obama spokesman, would not say where the former rivals met, except that it was not at Clinton’s home in Washington, as had been widely reported.

Reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane.

Asked at the time about the Illinois senator’s whereabouts, Gibbs smiled and declined to comment.

Clinton returned to Washington after the last primaries on Tuesday night, when Obama earned the 2,118 delegates he needed to secure the Democratic nomination. She planned to announce Saturday that she was ending her campaign and supporting Obama.

The meeting followed Clinton’s disavowal hours earlier of efforts by some supporters who have urged Obama to choose her as his running mate.

At this point, here’s what I see happening, so take it for what it’s worth. I believe Hillary Clinton will probably not be the vice presidential choice, there’s a host of reasons but first and foremost perhaps that Obama could avoid the circus and choose someone else, like Richardson or Biden perhaps to name a couple. Next, Hillary Clinton will become part of the Obama campaign, of sorts, she’ll be a major speaker for him and she’ll campaign for him to keep Democrats happy.

That’s my prediction anyway, we’ll see in the coming days.