Republicans go green, yay!

America is about to take another sucker punch to the gut if the Lieberman-Warner Climate Change Act gets passed anytime soon by congress. Luckily President Bush vowed to actually lift a finger against liberalism and has threatened to veto it in the unlikely event it hits his desk.

The point in all this is that even some Democrats expressed worry over pushing a bigger undue tax burden on the American people while at the same time they march the oil executives to Capital Hill over the price of gas! Personally I’d be in favor of the oil companies subpoenaing congress for once, then we could expose the real reason gas is $4 per gallon. Who gives congress the right to subpoena a particular industry that ticks them off every other week?

Look at these intellectually gifted legislators:

Did you see her colleagues to the right snickering because even they found it comical? Please, people who work 3 days a week on taxpayer money shouldn’t lecture anyone on “obscene salaries.”

The threat of higher taxes hasn’t stopped one liberal senator from supporting such a bill wholeheartedly. That would be none other than current presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain. That’s right, McCain supports such legislation creating a “cap and trade” system over carbon emissions. In theory, businesses would have a limited amount of “carbon emissions” every year. Upon reaching that cap, they’d have to purchase more and/or purchase them from businesses who haven’t used all theirs. It amounts to a completely regressive tax and cost increase which will hurt the lowest income earners the most, also known as the people Democrats claim to care about.

What is most irritating about this scenario is that you cannot name a single presidential candidate who has not completely lost his or her mind of the issue of “climate change,” a.k.a natural climate cycles which mankind cannot do anything about.

What irks me more is that should John McCain become president, conservatism will be kicked to the curb by just about every Washington politician, save a few who will not be welcome at the White House anymore. At this point I’m willing to concede four years to the Democrats so they can shove this “green” hoax on the American people and take the blame when we wake up and realize we’ve been duped.

Here’s another point, I watch these politicians scream all day long about global warming and the dangerous, utterly destructive forces of “climate change.” Then I watch them continue to fly and drive while they lecture everyone else to sell their cars and ride bikes. The hypocrisy is beyond measure. John McCain didn’t even bother to vote on the recent Lieberman-Warner bill yet he tells us government must solve the problem and it’s such a grave threat. So grave, Senator McCain, you were like, “eh, I’ll just skip it since I’m just trying to hoodwink people anyways, no need to fly all the way back to DC to earn my obscene salary…”

See, the thing is, if these politicians trying to sell us the abominable hoax known as global warming, you’d think they would at least pretend like they were willing to change their own lives. Wait, that’s right, they buy carbon “credits,” the next big hoax to be sprung on the American people. So you’re telling me if you can afford to waste your money on pretending that carbon credits actually make a difference, you have the permission to have a ridiculously huge “carbon footprint” while the the rest of us are supposed to ride bikes and turn our A/C down 5 degrees?

Where is the voice of reason to counter the global warming hysteria? Will we end up like the UK which has imposed a “cap and trade” system on individual people? Will our taxes be higher to offset our carbon footprint? Does anyone care to speak out against this complete and utter falsity which will be shoved down everyone’s throat by each of the presidential candidates?

There is no conservative voice, no conservative leader to vote for in 2008. I digress, no need to go down that road. Conservatives need to buck up and look down the political road to the 2010 midterm elections.

Here’s my poll question, regardless of your political views: