Site News: Moderation and acceptable use explanations

Over the past few weeks, I have personally tried to take a little control over the beast that is the comments section. Michael has aided me a bit on this as well. Let me tell you, this is no easy task and I’m sure I have overreacted at times.

That all being said, I apologize personally if it has come off as a policy being unevenly applied, there was/is no intention of that. I basically went on a quest of bringing order to chaos without a definitive plan or reasonable level of what is expected on your part, as a commenter.

Therefore, here is what I expect, and this is pretty loose:

1. No profanity
2. No vulgar personal attacks

Nothing has been, or will EVER be, deleted simply because of an expressed opinion or speaking your mind, we welcome that! So please, if you have an opinion on the issue at hand, share it!

Again, I want to personally apologize to anyone who feels they were treated unfairly in the past few weeks with these changes. I have reevaluated my own actions in the past couple weeks and will step back from this approach back to a more laissez-fair approach like it was previously.

From this point forward I will only be stepping in and investigating if a comment is reported to me.

I believe in the community policing itself. So if you find a questionable comment, report it, and we’ll check it out. Otherwise, I won’t be editing or nuking a darn thing unless it’s an obvious violation. I will let the community, as in you all, decide what is and is not acceptable to the discussion.

Consider this the policy from this second forward as 6/1/08 around 2:46am eastern.

Now, the good news:

We have over 5,500 comments on various posts from the past year or more. The amount of participation is terrific. At the rate we’re going, we’ll have 6,000 comments in no time.

So that being said, let me announce a little 6,000th comment giveaway for the 6,000th commenter. I’ll keep an eye out when we hit 6,000 and have some nifty prize for lucky winner.

So carry on people and please forgive my overreaction to anyone’s post.