Obama’s Sixth Sense, Clinton’s RFK Jr. Remark

While the news media is concerned over which concentration camp Obama’s Uncle liberated, I’m more concerned with the inarticulate ramblings he uttered during his Memorial Day speech. The man clearly doesn’t understand what Memorial Day is for or who we’re honoring.

This, directly from the transcript on his website, is what he was supposedly going to say:

“On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.”

This is what the Harvard-educated, articulate, intelligent Democratic candidate actually said:

“On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes—and I see many of them in the audience here today—our sense of patriotism is particularly strong”

Don’t believe me? Watch the video:

Is this really somebody we want to representing our country? He had a prepared speech for God’s sake and he couldn’t stick to it. Instead, he ad-libbed this line about seeing some of our “fallen heroes” in the audience with him.

At first, I though it must be a slip of the tongue, however after reviewing the clip and the transcript, all he had to do was read it off a cue card. He gaffed when actually trying to think for himself and add his own pizazz, his own flair. Unfortunately he sounded like Cole Sear.

I really think somebody needs to school him on what Memorial Day stands for. Let’s hope someone gives him a little lesson before July 4th. If he screws that up, he’s got Labor Day to work on. Just some practice reading the teleprompter and not adding his own ingenious insights will do.

First it was his stance against flag pins. Then there was an issue with not putting his hand over his heart while saying the pledge of allegiance. Now he doesn’t even know what Memorial Day stands for. Did they not teach him anything at Harvard? But wait, I guess patriotism and the history of America is not really in the oppressive liberal orthodoxy lesson plans of our institutions of “higher learning.”

It just astonishes me that people are convinced he’s the candidate to beat.

Now, switching gears, Hillary Clinton made a comment last week that she was staying in the race due to the possibility of anything, and I mean anything happening before June. In this case, she mentioned the possibility of assassination by bringing up Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The Obama campaign and the media created a firestorm over the issue which I thought was rather trumped up and over the top.

Video in case you missed it:

Keep in the mind, the last two Presidents shot were both white men, plus Bobby Kennedy who was a candidate, so don’t even begin playing the race card on the issue. Plus, we shouldn’t forget who has a history of deploying race on almost every issue in this campaign:

One more reason to hate the oil companies, black men stand a greater chance of getting shot while pumping gas, at least according to Michelle Obama. Furthermore, by the same logic, white people must be immune from gunfire at gas stations, which should sit well with the victims of the 2002 Washington, DC sniper attacks.

This whole issue is blown out of proportion, every presidential candidate, and public figure for that matter, stands the risk of being attacked in some form by some wacko. Of course it’s scary, but to not mention it would be politically correct, which is nonsense. Does John McCain or Hillary Clinton fair a greater chance of not being targeted? I highly doubt it. What about our current President Bush, a bunch of liberal kooks seem to really hate him, I’d be more concerned for his life.

In the end, it’s just easier to play the race card on the issue for more sympathy votes despite the fact that it’s a historical reference.