Democrats stumble on new strategy: “McSame”

The new Democratic mantra being used to criticize McCain isn’t about the issues, it’s just a play on his name. Luckily McCain rhymes with McSame and the idea naturally presented itself.

A report from ABC News on the topic:

Report from

As he introduced Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday night in Louisville, U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler of Versailles jabbed at likely GOP nominee John McCain, even giving him a nickname.

Chandler, addressing the crowd of about 8,000 Obama supporters, called McCain what at first sounded like “John insane.”

Chandler, however, said Tuesday that he was referring to McCain as “John McSame” to make his point that McCain would be a continuation of President Bush’s policies. He said he would never call someone “insane” in such a setting.

Digital audio recordings from the event at the Kentucky International Convention Center were virtually indecipherable because of acoustics, but video recordings plugged directly into the event’s sound system show that Chandler did say “McSame.”

“The last thing we need is 12 years of the Bush administration,” Chandler said in warming up the crowd for Obama’s 40-minute speech.

The McSame name has been adopted around the liberal blogosphere it appears. I think the problem with painting McCain as a continuation of Bush administration might be the record of the past 8 years when McCain countered Bush many times.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t think someone with a name like “Obama” wants to go down the rhyming road in the general election considering the amount of PACs and other organizations willing to take on the challenge. Just a thought.