Carter: After June 3 “It Will Be Time For Her to Give It Up”

Former President Jimmy Carter stated this weekend in an interview with Sky News that Hillary Clinton should give up after June 3rd and call it quites.

Video of Carter making the statement:

A report from Political Punch:

In an interview with Sky News in London, former President Jimmy Carter said that after the final primaries on June 3 in South Dakota and Montana, he expects the remaining 210 or so uncommitted superdelegates will announce who they’re backing in the Democratic contest, after which Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, will have to exit the race.

“I’m a superdelegate,” Carter said. “I think a lot of the superdelegates will make a decision quite, announced quite rapidly, after the final primary on June 3…I have not yet announced publicly, but I think at that point it will be time for her to give it up.”

Carter was asked if Clinton was achieving anything by continuing in the race.

“I think not,” he said. “But of course she has the perfect right to do so.”

Carter was hinting that he was a supporter of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, as far back as April. The semi-endorsement came with strings attached, as that month Carter engaged in a public effort to engage with Hamas, which the U.S. government officially classifies as a terrorist organization. When asked by ABC News’ David Wright, Obama said he wouldn’t meet with Hamas and he said he disagreed with Carter’s decision to meet with the group — he called it a “bad idea” that gave Hamas “a legitimacy that was unnecessary” — but he stopped short of condemning the former president for doing so.

Considering Carter, at times, seems to think he’s still president, perhaps someone needs to tell him it’s time to quit, but I digress.

Calls similar to Carter’s are going to be very loud after June 3rd, I don’t think Clinton will be able to ignore them if Obama reaches the 2,025 delegates. Then again, she’s still counting Michigan and Florida and has said the 2,025 number is fake.