Obama closer to nomination, steals Clinton delegate

Obama is moving ever closer to that magic 2,025 delegate number, excluding Michigan and Florida of course, everyday with new superdelegates signing on or leaving the Clinton campaign. Obama is now only 56 delegates short of calamining the nomination officially if you look at the current count.

Story on it from AOL News:

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – Barack Obama inched closer to securing the Democratic presidential nomination on Friday, picking up five delegates, including a California congressman who switched his allegiance from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama “has proven himself to be a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and inspirational leader and will take America in a new direction, which we desperately need,” said Rep. Dennis Cardoza, who became the 14th superdelegate to switch from Clinton to Obama.

Obama has 1,970 delegates in the Associated Press tally, out of the 2,026 he needs to become the first black to win a major party presidential nomination. Clinton has 1,779.

Two of John Edwards’ New Hampshire delegates, State Sen. Peter Burling and high school teacher Deborah Nelson, held a news conference to announce they were backing Obama.

In a phone interview, Burling told the AP that he and Nelson believe either Obama or Clinton would make a superb president, but it came down to “who can win and who could make a better president.”

“We chose Obama because he so clearly understands the American yearning for change,” Burling said. “He understands it, he embraces it, and I think he has the leadership to deliver it.”

Burling said he, too, was influenced by the fact that Obama is so close to capturing the nomination.

With the numbers and momentum favoring him, Obama has taken to speaking about general election issues leaving Hillary Clinton to the wayside.

Today Obama spoke for the need to continue diplomatic relations with Cuba and the rest of Central America:

The remaining states leave 63 delegates in Puerto Rico and 47 delegates between South Dakota and Montana. Assuming Obama wins at least 50% of them all, he’ll have the 2,025 delegates needed to claim the nomination at the convention. The only thing that leaves in the air is Michigan and Florida.