Awkward video of McCain on Ellen Degeneres (Update) Flashback to Hillary

McCain made an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres daytime program today and the issue of gay marriage came up for discussion. Needless today it appeared a little awkward as I’ve never seen McCain seem to standoffish on an issue.

Here’s 2 minutes of the discussion:

Interesting watch I’d say. McCain looked down quite a bit while discussing the topic and seemed rather uncomfortable. Clearly though he knew it would come up considering Ellen also asked Hillary Clinton about gay marriage when she appeared on the show.

If gay marriage is going to become a big topic again in the 2008 election, I think it’s only going to benefit McCain. That is, if some state ballots contain a gay marriage question, voters who come out to vote against it will probably also be voting for McCain. In the 2004 election, that ballot question alone can be credited with giving Bush some victories over Kerry.


Someone, I won’t say who, reminded me of this:

Comparing Ellen’s reactions, a little harsh on McCain, no?