Obama Senior Advisers: “juggernaut” to crush McCain

Word coming from senior advisers within the Obama campaign of their plan to establish strong grassroots local organizations in all 50 states to create a insurmountable battle for John McCain come November.

Report from the UK Telegraph:

With the Illinois senator declaring himself “within reach” of the Democratic nomination after achieving a majority of the pledged delegates – those allocated by vote – on Tuesday, his campaign has already pivoted to preparing for the general election against Mr McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Although publicly heaping praise on Hillary Clinton, Mr Obama’s Democratic rival, and carefully avoiding putting pressure on her to drop out before the final states vote on June 3rd, the Illinois senator’s staff is impatient to launch a full-scale offensive against Mr McCain.

But they believe that the ferocious fight Mrs Clinton has put up has helped them build an organisation of unprecedented strength.

“I don’t think John McCain realises what he’s in for,” said one adviser. “We’ve created a juggernaut,” said another, “and it’s going to overwhelm him.”

They cite their internet fundraising operation, the grassroots organising network that secured victory over Mrs Clinton by winning a series of caucus states and hundreds of thousands of idealistic young volunteers as crucial advantages over Mr McCain.

Obama was in Florida today touting his lead and essentially speaking as the nominee:

I would not doubt this Telegraph story in the least. Obama’s grassroots organization has been strong since Iowa. Plus, he’s got the continued cash to expand it further. McCain will have a battle on his hands between this and the plethora of celebrities that will inevitably be campaigning for Obama.