Video: Obama claims pledged delegate majority in Iowa

Speaking tonight in Iowa, Barack Obama took the step of announcing his pledged delegate majority with the delegates he was awarded in Kentucky. We’re still awaiting Oregon but that will inevitably increase his lead as well.

Here’s video of the Iowa event:

A report on it from MSNBC:

In an address to supporters in Des Moines, Iowa — evenb before the first returns from Oregon were reported — he said he was “within reach” of the nomination and focused most of his attention on McCain, not Clinton.

Obama attacked McCain as a clone of President Bush on tax cuts, Iraq and health care, saying: “This year’s Republican primary was a contest to see which candidate could out-Bush the other, and that is the contest John McCain won.”

Aides said the choice to make his primary-night speech in Iowa was a symbolic one: Obama’s victory in the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses last year catapulted the senator into the front ranks of Democratic contenders, and his return Tuesday night was meant to close the circle.

“From the very beginning, you knew that this journey wasn’t about me or any of the other candidates in this race,” Obama said.

“It’s about whether this country — at this defining moment — will continue down the same road that has failed us for so long or whether we will seize this opportunity to take a different path: to forge a different future for the country we love.”

This was markedly relaxed compared to what it was supposed to originally be, a proclamation that Obama had taken the nomination. Instead, it was marked as a “historic milestone” that he now has the majority of pledged delegates won from primaries and caucuses. It’s still not the magic 2,025 number needed but it’s getting closer despite Hillary Clinton’s big performance in Kentucky.