Official Kentucky & Oregon Democratic Primary Results (Update) Clinton victory speech added

Here are the official Kentucky Democratic primary results starting around 7pm eastern when the polls close. The Oregon polls do not close until 11pm eastern time so we’ll have those results later.

Official Kentucky Democratic Primary Results:

Official Oregon Democratic Primary Results:

A report on both states from Yahoo News:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Barack Obama competed with Hillary Rodham Clinton in Kentucky and Oregon primaries on Tuesday, the latest contests in a historic Democratic presidential race moving inexorably his way.

Before vote counting began, Obama had 1,917 delegates, little more than 100 shy of the 2,026 needed to become the first black presidential nominee of a major party. The former first lady had 1,721.

Regardless of the results of the night’s two primaries, Obama decided to mark a victory of sorts. He arranged an evening appearance in Iowa, site of his critical Jan. 3 caucus triumph, to claim a majority of the delegates at stake in all 56 contests on the campaign calendar.

Clinton looked for a consolation for the strongest presidential campaign of any woman in history. She hoped to finish with more votes than her rival in all the contests combined, including Florida and Michigan, which were striped of their delegates by the national party for moving up their primary dates.

Campaigning with his wife in Kentucky, former President Clinton dismissed Obama’s inevitable claim on pledged delegates.

“There won’t be tonight, unless you decapitate Michigan and Florida, which violates our values and is dumb politics,” Bill Clinton said.

We’ll have some victory speeches later tonight.. I’m guess Hillary Clinton in Kentucky and Obama speaking in Iowa about his Oregon win and clenching the pledged delegate majority.


Hillary Clinton’s speech addressing supporters in Kentucky:

Awaiting Oregon results around 11pm eastern.