Kentucky, Oregon voting today!

Full results available here.

Kentucky is largely expected to be another washout for Clinton where she’ll probably win by 20 points or so. Oregon is where the real battle is happening but Obama is expected to win by 5 to 10 points perhaps.

Some raw vote video from Kentucky:

Meanwhile, Obama will be in Iowa tonight throwing a little party to celebrate their majority delegate lead:

A report on today’s vote from the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama would like to begin shutting down the nominating contest with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday night as two more states — Kentucky and Oregon — hold their primaries. But he wants to do it subtly.

Mr. Obama will deliver his primary night speech in Iowa — a symbolic return to the state in which he posted his first Democratic victory and which is shaping up as a big battleground state this fall. And, his aides said, he will use the stage to spotlight a threshold he is likely to pass Tuesday night: capturing a majority of the pledged delegates selected in the primaries and caucuses.

But watch for a couple of things that could influence the pace and the tenor of the end game for Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. After Tuesday, there are only three Democratic contests left: Puerto Rico on June 1 and Montana and South Dakota on June 3.

If Mrs. Clinton wants to keep going to the end — and by every indication she does — she probably needs to post a convincing victory in Kentucky. And if Mrs. Clinton comes close to defeating Mr. Obama in Oregon (or beats him), that would certainly throw a shadow over Mr. Obama’s moment even if it did not stop him from reaching a majority of pledged delegates.

By all signs, Mrs. Clinton appears poised to win handily in Kentucky, a state that, like West Virginia and Pennsylvania, seems demographically inclined to her candidacy. Polls close at 7 p.m. Eastern time, which means that a big Clinton victory there would be reflected in the early evening news coverage, as well as the first editions of the morning newspapers.

Polls close in Kentucky at 7pm eastern and Oregon at 11pm eastern time. We’ll have full results starting around 7.


Full results available here.