Video: McCain says Obama’s foreign policy is “reckless”

John McCain ratcheted up the rhetoric between himself and Barack Obama today calling Obama’s foreign policy toward Iran “reckless” and questioning his judgment to lead the nation in this area.

The video on it from ABC News:

In response, Obama criticized McCain, video from the Associated Press:

A report from AOL News:

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain accused Democratic front-runner Barack Obama on Monday of underestimating the threat posed by Iran and ridiculed his pledge to meet Iran’s leader if elected.

McCain, in a theme likely to play out in the campaign for the November election, sought to portray Obama as too inexperienced to be trusted as commander in chief.

At a speech to the National Restaurant Association in Obama’s home town of Chicago, McCain said the Democratic front-runner’s stated desire to hold direct talks with the leaders of hostile countries like Iran “betrays the depth of Senator Obama’s inexperience and reckless judgment.”

McCain said a meeting would grant Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prestige and international legitimacy and probably would not persuade him to give up nuclear ambitions.

“It could very well convince him that those policies are succeeding in strengthening his hold on power, and embolden him to continue his very dangerous behavior. The next president ought to understand such basic realities of international relations,” McCain said.

Campaigning in Montana, Obama said President John Kennedy’s willingness to talk to the Soviet Union during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis averted a nuclear catastrophe with a country that posed a much greater threat than Iran does now.

This is fascinating to watch as it’s basically the unfolding of a general election campaign. Obama is being forced to engage in the foreign policy arena and McCain is clearly showing his hand on where he’s going to be attacking Obama.