(Video) Clinton to Obama: Not so fast!

Clinton, speaking earlier today in Kentucky, said Obama is getting a bit ahead of himself trying to claim the nomination before the primaries are over.

Video from the Associated Press:

A report from Fox News:

MAYSVILLE, Ky. — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday said her opponent Barack Obama may be getting a little ahead of himself in acting like the party’s nominee before the final contests of the primary season are over.

Clinton and Obama are still set to face off in several more primaries, including two in Kentucky and Oregon on Tuesday, but Obama has been increasingly portraying himself as the nominee already facing Republican John McCain. Obama has scheduled appearances later this week in Iowa and Florida as he looks ahead to the swing states in the general election.

“You can declare yourself anything, but if you don’t have the votes, it doesn’t matter,” Clinton said Monday in a satellite interview with an Oregon television station before a campaign appearance in Kentucky.

The former first lady trails Obama in the delegate count by such a margin that it is mathematically unlikely for her to overtake him in the remaining primaries, which end June 3 with Montana and South Dakota.

But both candidates have been angling to win over the party leaders and elected officials known as superdelegates, whose support will likely determine the nominee.

Clinton has been making her case to the superdelegates by casting herself as the more tested and experienced Democrat with a better chance of beating McCain in November.

I think she still has a little leverage in persuading Obama not to claim the nomination so fast. The argument of “every vote should count” usually holds a lot of water in Democratic circles.