Obama won’t declare victory on Tuesday, 5/20

As reported earlier last week, the Obama campaign had been quietly planning to “officially” take the nomination this Tuesday following the Kentucky and Oregon primaries. After tomorrow, he’ll have a majority of the pledged delegates, giving the campaign reason to claim the nomination.

Report from The Politico:

MILWAUKIE, Ore. — Concerned about appearing presumptuous or antagonistic towards Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama will not declare victory in the Democratic nomination fight Tuesday in the event he wins enough pledged delegates to claim a majority.

Rather, he’ll tiptoe right up to the line, without explicitly asserting the race is over.

While it may sound like an exercise in hair-splitting, the conscious decision not to declare victory is a revealing measure of the sensitivity surrounding overtures that appear to disrespect Clinton and her supporters.

It’s also a reflection of the Obama campaign’s supreme confidence in the delegate math at this juncture — the campaign now appears secure enough in its commanding position that it no longer feels compelled to declare victory in an attempt to marginalize Clinton.

That marks a departure from the stance the Obama campaign took after his blowout win in North Carolina and narrow loss in Indiana May 6.

An Obama senior adviser, who asked that his name be withheld to speak candidly, told Politico the next day: “On May 20, we’re going to declare victory.”

Three days after those contests, Obama hinted that amassing the majority of pledged delegates following Tuesday’s Kentucky and Oregon primary elections meant his campaign could claim victory.

This doesn’t surprise me, I was actually thinking last week that claiming victory may look a bit presumptuous considering the primaries aren’t over yet. Obama can just take his time for another couple weeks before claiming the nomination.