Renewed talk of “dream” Obama/Clinton ticket grows

Following Clinton’s landslide victory in West Virginia, proving she has a core constituency to which she appeals, the talk about a “dream ticket” consisting of Clinton and Obama has been renewed today.

A report on it from Fox News:

Hillary Clinton’s chances at being the Democratic Party nominee are fading — even with her landslide win in West Virginia Tuesday — but Democratic voters and Clinton supporters are keeping the concept of a “dream ticket” pairing with Barack Obama very much alive.

Though some strategists say Obama is looking elsewhere for his No. 2 as he gears his campaign toward a general election battle against John McCain, Clinton’s performance in West Virginia at least proves she’s retained throngs of die-hard backers despite an upward battle for delegates and a growing campaign finance deficit.

She won by 41 points, carrying seniors and women, and working-class and white voters by wide margins.

“They’re getting two different groups of people and we believe bringing them (together) will keep those groups in our column in November,” said Adam Parkhomenko, founder of, a new group advocating for a joint ticket.

A new Quinnipiac University national poll out Wednesday found a large majority of Democrats like the idea of an Obama-Clinton ticket. By 60-to-33 percent, Democrats said Obama should pick Clinton as his running mate.

Parkhomenko, a former Clinton campaign staffer, initially launched his group in April pushing a Clinton-Obama ticket. But a week ago, before the Indiana and North Carolina primary, he re-launched as “VoteBoth.”

The video report as well:

Doesn’t seem Michelle Obama, in particular, is too keen on giving Hillary Clinton the VP spot. However, it could be inevitable unless Obama chooses someone like the current Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland, whom I think would be a stronger choice.