McCain struggles to court former Bush donors

Seems that along with conservatives in the Republican Party, McCain is having a difficult time convincing former Bush supporters and donors to open their checkbooks for his 2008 campaign.

The report from Bloomberg:

May 9 (Bloomberg) — Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, is struggling to attract money from some of the same industries that helped bankroll President George W. Bush’s record-setting fundraising.

Employees from the securities, construction, pharmaceutical and energy industries, who accounted for about a tenth of Bush’s money in 2004, are turned off by his record and giving more to his Democratic rivals, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“A significant percentage of your base Republican support, whether financial or otherwise, are not fans of McCain because of various things he’s done or said or sponsored,” said Republican consultant Eddie Mahe, who is supporting the Arizona senator. “Many of them don’t see Mr. McCain as being a lot better” than the Democrats.

Obama and Clinton each raised close to $11 million from the four industries through the end of March, compared with $6 million for McCain. In 2004, Bush raised three times more money from those sources than Senator John Kerry, the Democratic nominee that year.

This isn’t too surprising since McCain has been a mixed bag when it comes to supporting the interests of corporate America. Plus, he has made statements similar to Obama and Clinton about fighting some large industries such as drug companies and insurance.