How Rush Limbaugh saved Clinton’s candidacy

Let it be known, if there is any hope of Hillary Clinton becoming the nominee, it can solely be credited to the task force launched by Rush Limbaugh in the form of “Operation Chaos.” If you’re unfamiliar, Rush has asked Republican voters to re-register and/or simply crossover in Democratic primaries to vote for Hillary Clinton. The eventual hope is to keep the Democratic race alive and let them descend into madness at the Denver convention.

Don’t kid yourself, should Clinton take the nomination at this point, madness it will be. The liberal groups are urging mass riots at the Democratic convention should Obama not become the nominee at this point. Think I’m kidding, check out Re-create ’68 and see for yourself. Here’s the goal of the organization:

Welcome to the “Re-create 68” website, your virtual activists’ Convergence Center for the Denver Democratic National Convention of 2008. This website was created for all the grassroots people who are tired of being sold out by the Democratic Party.

R-68 agrees with the proposition, POTESTAS IN POPULO, “all power comes from the people.” What stands between the people and power are the party machines. The parties were devised as a means to represent the people. Today they represent nobody, not even party members, but only party bureaucracy. The people have been left without appropriate institutions for their representation. We intend to create those institutions!

Join us in the streets of Denver as we resist a two-party system that allows imperialism and racism to continue unrestrained.

I find this whole notion utterly hysterical as these liberal loons will basically be doing exactly what pundits like Rush would like them to do, continually embarrass and expose the Democratic Party for what it is.

As fun as it is contemplating the thought of liberal activists shutting down the Denver convention, let me get back to my point. Rush succeeded so strongly with “Operation Chaos” that he has liberal pundits and the Obama campaign trying to convince everyone that, had it not been for Rush, Obama would have won Indiana. They’re not even trying to marginalize him, they are using it as a reasoning for why Obama lost by less than 20,000 votes.

The Huffington Post, bastion of incoherent liberalism that it is, even went out on a limb to discuss the effects of “Operation Chaos” at length. For example, this post which explains it using the exit polls:

Did Rush Limbaugh actually impact the Democratic primary?

The loud-mouthed radio talk show host has been encouraging Republicans to vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton to continue the “chaos” in the Democratic race. And a sampling of some key exit poll information suggests he may, to a certain extent, be having an effect.

Though at the end they concede his effect may have been minimal, the fact that they’re acknowledging and crediting it is victory enough.

Do a little more searching and you’ll find numerous stories like this one:

Those looking for evidence of Limbaugh’s influence pointed to Clinton’s edge among Republicans in Indiana and North Carolina. In Indiana, 10 percent of Democratic primary voters described themselves as Republicans, a higher rate than in any state but Mississippi, and they went for Clinton by eight percentage points, according to exit polls. In North Carolina, they were 5 percent of the electorate, and went for her by 29 points.

Finally, as even more evidence that the media along with the Obama campaign are crediting Rush with Clinton’s victory, Chris Matthews unloaded on any Republican voter who dared meddle in the Democratic Primary:

What a crock! Where were these people when liberal activists were urging Democrat voters to crossover and vote for Mitt Romney in Michigan? Remember, less than a few short months ago, The Daily Kos was urging voters to extend the Republican Primary by giving Romney a victory in Michigan, here’s the the quote from Kos:

“(W)e want Romney in, because the more Republican candidates we have fighting it out, trashing each other with negative ads and spending tons of money, the better it is for us,” Kos writes. “We want Mitt to stay in the race, and to do that, we need him to win in Michigan……(N)ot only do we help keep their field fragmented, but we also pollute Romney’s victory.”

Rush simply succeeded where the Daily Kos failed. So to Chris Matthews, and anyone else criticizing Rush, chew on that one. In the same fashion, nobody has been able to destroy Obama the way Clinton has. In essence, Democrats should be more upset that Clinton is allowing her candidacy to be used by Rush as a way to continue attacking Obama.

Clinton, for her part, has played the situation well. She’s joked about it and played it off cool as a cucumber. However, secretly I’m sure she’s thanking God everyday that “Operation Chaos” is out their keeping her campaign alive. No campaign advertising funds in the world could pay for the free votes Rush is tossing her way.

So kudos to Rush who singlehandedly save Hillary Clinton’s candidacy Tuesday night in Indiana. Plus, we also learned that when moderates and independents choose the Republican nominee, the pendulum can equally swing the other way.

The bottom line is that the success of “Operation Chaos” simply shows the state of this presidential race: pure chaos. There are weak candidates full of hope, change, and other empty crap they’re continually putting forth. Republicans are disgusted with McCain, Democrats are disgusted with the superdelegate system, perhaps this is the year of the third-party candidate.