Clinton, battered and bruised, vows to press on

Despite the blowout loss in North Carolina and the nail biting victory in Indiana, Hillary Clinton today said she plans on fighting it to the end for the Democratic nomination. New information has come out about her struggling financial situation as well in the past month.

A video report on it from ABC News:

Also, a report on her financial situation from MyWay:

WASHINGTON (AP) – A campaign aide says Hillary Rodham Clinton loaned herself $6.4 million in the past month.

Politically wounded and financially strapped, Clinton plunged back into the presidential campaign Wednesday even as Barack Obama declared that Tuesday’s primary results left him with a “clear path to victory.”

Obama beat Clinton soundly in North Carolina and fell just short in an Indiana cliffhanger, a rebound for the Illinois senator that presented Clinton with fast-dwindling chances to deny him the Democratic presidential nomination.

The loan more than doubles Clinton’s personal investment in her bid for the Democratic nomination. She gave her campaign $5 million earlier this year.

Clinton has been struggling financially behind the record fundraising of her Democratic rival, Barack Obama.

ut even as Obama planned to take the day off from the campaign trail Wednesday, Clinton showed no public signs of easing her pace. The campaign added a noon Wednesday appearance in Shepherdstown, W. Va., to her schedule. On Thursday, she planned to campaign in West Virginia, South Dakota and Oregon.

Arguably, Obama probably has reason to argue for her withdrawal at this point. Some prominent Democrats have already taken the opportunity to do so such as George McGovern, who today is endorsing Obama and asking Clinton to drop out.

I don’t know where she can really go from here in terms of pledged delegates. The few states left aren’t going to swing it and the chorus for her withdrawal is only going to grow.