Clinton wins Indiana, Obama takes North Carolina (Update) Clinton cancels morning media (Update)

The votes are in and have come down with a split decision on Tuesday night. Hillary Clinton has won Indiana and Barack Obama has taken a somewhat expected victory in North Carolina.

Video from ABC News about Obama’s North Carolina victory:


Here is Obama’s entire victory speech from North Carolina:

Update by Michael

It is now 12:19 AM EST, and it is still too close to call. Hillary Clinton is leading by 1.7%, and there is 9% of the votes left to be counted. All of those votes are coming from Lake County, which currently is showing a 74% leaning toward Obama. This probably will not continue, but if there is a large enough differential, this will shrink Hillary’s numbers down substantially.

She is currently ahead by 20,000 votes. Lake County has over 123,000 voters.

Update by Nate

An Associated Press report on the Indiana holdouts:

Video of Hillary speaking about Indiana:

Results are expected at 1am eastern, will report definitively then about the Indiana Primary.


Indiana has now been called by Fox News for Hillary Clinton. With 100% of the precincts in, Clinton managed to hold to about a 20,000 vote lead.

Ben Smith is reporting that Clinton has canceled morning media:

Tim Russert, a colleague reports, just said that Hillary Clinton canceled her scheduled appearances on the morning shows tomorrow.

It’s a sign of weakness she can ill afford at a moment when questions about whether she can continue are mounting.

Doesn’t mean anything but it could be a sign of some upcoming changes.

Update by Michael at 1:30am, EST
Well, the rural areas of Lake County stemmed the Obama tide. In the end, Lake County went from a 74% to a 55% favor of Obama as the last of the Lake County ballots were counted. Union County finally declared their results, which were very small, but 65% in favor of Clinton. Hillary Clinton ends up winning Indiana by 1.8%. A win is a win, but the margin of victory will not impress many superdelegates.