Democrats make final push in Indiana, North Carolina

On the eve prior to the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, both Obama and Clinton have been in overdrive today trying to drive home victories Tuesday, May 6th when the primaries take place.

First, a video report on North Carolina from the Associated Press:

A report on Indiana from USAToday:

INDIANAPOLIS — As he sank a basket in a pickup hoops game on Sunday, Sen. Barack Obama told the crowd, “I’m a pressure player.”

That would be handy, because the pressure is on in Indiana, where polls show Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary to be a virtual tossup between Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the final days of the primary campaign here, the two are battling on how to cut gas prices and, in doing so, fighting over who is a truer champion of the middle class.

“Politics didn’t lead me to working people — working people led me to politics,” Obama said Sunday at a dinner thrown by the state Democratic Party.

Clinton wants to suspend the gas tax for three months and make up the revenue with a windfall profits tax on oil companies. Obama opposes a gas-tax holiday, saying it would save drivers only $28 and that quickly passing a profits tax is unrealistic.

He called the proposal typical of “empty gestures calculated to get politicians through the next election.”

Clinton, at the same event, said, “When I say solutions, I mean immediate action. … We can’t just plan for the future, we have to help people in the here and now.”

Here’s a little report from our friends across the pond, Sky News in the UK:

Finally, both candidates spoke with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer yesterday evening:



As for my always entertaining, rarely correct prediction, it looks like Tuesday’s going to be a split with Obama possibly taking North Carolina and Clinton perhaps taking Indiana. However, the polls have been very volatile in the past few weeks and even days so things could have changed

The charts have shown Clinton gaining in North Carolina but not to the extent that it’s cause for celebration. Indiana recently flipped in the polls as Obama led for a short time and it’s now back to Clinton.