Obama, Clinton disagree on “gas tax holiday”

Obama and Clinton have been sparring all week over the idea of a “gas tax holiday” during the summertime. Since McCain announced that he’d support the idea, Clinton also signed on while Obama disagrees.

A report on Obama’s latest criticisms of Clinton’s plan from Yahoo News:

INDIANAPOLIS – Broadening his attack, Barack Obama said Saturday that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s support for a summertime break from the federal gasoline tax symbolizes a candidacy consisting of “phony ideas, calculated to win elections instead of actually solving problems.”

Not so, the former first lady told a campaign audience as the next round of primaries approached. Obama is “attacking my plan to try to get you some kind of break this summer,” she said.

Here’s a video report on it from Reuters:

I actually give Obama a little credit for not jumping on the bandwagon. Not that suspending federal gasoline taxes is a bad idea, I’m usually in favor of reducing pretty much every tax, but promises like this during a heated election year seem like political opportunism. As in, it’s the “feel good” thing to do in the short term, not a long term solution. Apparently President Bush has also signed onto the idea seeing the political opportunism train rolling on by.