Michigan Democrats considering delegate split

Just when I thought this was put to bed, top Michigan Democratic officials are considering a split of Michigan’s delegates so they can be counted at the convention.

Here’s the story from USAToday:

LANSING, Michigan (AP) — Michigan Democrats working to get the state’s delegates seated at the Democratic National Convention suggested splitting them 69-59 between presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Democratic National Committee stripped Michigan of its 128 delegates for holding its presidential primary too early in the year in violation of party rules. The state also has 28 superdelegates — party officials and elected leaders who are free to back either candidate regardless of the state primary outcome.

Clinton has argued that she should get 73 delegates based on the results of the Jan. 15 primary, which she won — 18 more than Obama.

Obama, who removed his name from the ballot, wants the 128 pledged delegates split evenly, 64-64.

The compromise, suggested Tuesday in a letter to Michigan Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer, fell halfway between the two proposals.

Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said the campaign looked forward to working with national and Michigan Democrats to find a solution.

Clinton spokesman Isaac Baker said “the bottom line is that Michigan’s votes must be counted.”

This would be a net of 10 delegates for Clinton, hardly anything that would tip the scales of the nomination.