Jimmy Carter: Clinton should drop out June 3rd

Carter, a friendly Obama supporter, has now stated that since Clinton cannot overcome the pledged delegate count, she should drop out of the race following the South Dakota primary on June 3rd.

Here’s the story from the Telegraph:

Coming from the most distinguished of some 300 uncommitted “super-delegates” – the Democratic party leaders who will crown their party’s nominee – Mr Carter’s new public stance is a blow to Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the White House.

“I don’t see any reason at all to continue after June 3rd when we know who got the most [pledged] delegates, who got the most popular votes, who won the most states and so forth,” said Mr Carter, 83.

June 3rd is when the final primaries will be held, in South Dakota and Montana Mrs Clinton, who has a virtually insurmountable deficit among the “pledged” delegates allocated according to votes and is highly unlikely to overcome Mr Obama’s popular vote lead, intends to fight for the Democratic nomination all the way to the party’s convention in August.

Mr Carter emphasised that he and many other super-delegates would not countenance this. “It would be undemocratic if the super-delegates blatantly went against the decision of Democratic voters across the nation.

“And I think that many super-delegates who have not yet declared their preference have the same feeling that I do, including the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She’s said over and over that whoever gets the most [pledged] delegates by June 3rd ought to be the nominee.”

Well I’ll agree with Carter, even he recognizes the bloodbath that would ensue if the superdelegates override the primary/caucus vote. Clinton’s still holding onto getting Michigan and Florida counter somehow to overthrow the popular vote but, at this point, I’m still doubting that’s going to happen.