Video: New McCain ad touts health care plan

McCain has unleashed a new TV ad in some areas which touts his health care plan. He hasn’t spoken too much on this topic other than he believes a “socialized” system isn’t the answer.

Here’s the ad in it’s entirety:

Some analysis of it from Yahoo News:

Even McCain acknowledges it could take years to create enough competition to make it affordable for people to leave employer plans for private health insurance plans.

He also recognizes the fear raised by critics that older, sicker workers could be left with soaring premiums as young and healthy people leave employer plans for newer, cheaper plans.

McCain insists that he would set up a safety net for those high-risk workers. He said Tuesday in Tampa, Fla., that he would encourage state governments to create guaranteed-access plans.

McCain has talked about his plan for several months but is spending the week talking about health care. Still missing are details on the total cost of the plan and an estimate of how many people it would help.

There are more than 40 million people in the United States who don’t have health insurance.

McCain chose to run the ad in Iowa — where he came in fourth in the January presidential caucuses — because it is a general election battleground state, and he plans to visit Des Moines on Thursday.

Sounds like McCain’s plan is a mixture of government and private programs.