Video: Dean says either Clinton or Obama must drop out in June

DNC Chairman Howard Dean seems to be getting more demanding everyday as the Democratic race drags on. Earlier in the month he was calling for the superdelegates to decide on a candidate by July. He’s now upped that demand asking that either Obama or Clinton drop out in June for the sake of the party.

Here’s the story from Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said Monday that either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama must drop out of the Democratic presidential race after the June primaries in order to unify the party by the convention and win the election in November.

But Dean didn’t say which candidate should drop out, only that it should happen after primary voters have been to the polls.

“We want the voters to have their say. That’s over on June 3,” Dean said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Dean also said that while the party rules say Democratic superdelegates can wait until the party’s August 25 convention to make up their minds, that would be too late to unify the party and defeat the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain.

“We really can’t have a divided convention. If we do it’s going to be very hard to heal the party afterwards,” Dean said. “So we’ll know who the nominee is and that’ll give us an extra 2 1/2 months to get our party together, heal the wounds of having a very closely divided race and take on Senator McCain.”

Dean said he won’t have to tell either Clinton or Obama when it’s time to leave the race.

“Either of these candidates, if it’s time for them to go, they’ll know it and they will go,” Dean said. “They don’t need any pushing from me. You know when to get in and you know when to get out. That’s just part of the deal.”

Here is Dean’s entire interview from this morning on the Today Show:

Dean knows whatever everyone else is afraid to say. He knows that unless one of these candidates drops out, things will not be pretty moving forward to the convention. Just take a look at Re-create ’68 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If Hillary Clinton stays in, and the superdelegates choose her as the nominee, you can rest assured that every liberal leftist group will be descending on Denver to cause mass chaos for the convention as the will of Democratic voters would have been overridden.

Dean is trying his darnedest to prevent such an occurrence as he sees the writing on the wall.