Video: Barack Obama on Fox News Sunday 4/27/08

Today marked the end of the “Obama watch” clock on Fox News Sunday as Barack Obama sat down for an interview with Chris Wallace earlier this morning.

Here is the entire 35 minute video of the interview:

The entire transcript can be found here.

A report from First Read:

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Obama acknowledged he may have some work to do to attract blue-collar voters.

“They are less familiar with me than they are with her,” he told Chris Wallace. “So we probably have to work a little bit harder. I’ve got to be more present. I’ve got to be knocking on more doors. I’ve got to be hitting more events. We’ve got to work harder, because although it’s flipped a little bit, we’ve always been the underdog in this race.”

Obama expressed confidence that his race would not keep him from being elected in the general election, despite exit polls in Pennsylvania that showed votes divided along racial lines. He also argued he was putting unexpected states in play.

“If you look at the general-election polls, we are doing better against John McCain than Sen. Clinton is,” he said. “And we are putting states in play like Colorado and Virginia that have not been in play for a very long time. Here in Indiana, we just– you just saw polling by the Indianapolis Star showing me beating John McCain.”

He called his association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright a “legitimate political issue” but argued, as he has in the past, that the use of 30-second sound bites had simplified and caricatured his former pastor and said he felt that had been “done in a fairly deliberate way,” calling it “unfortunate.”

I will watch it later and have some analysis. Sound off below, how did he do and was Wallace fair?