Obama to “fine-tune” his campaign, get back on message

In recent weeks and pretty much over the past 2 months or so, Obama has taken a beating in the media. In response, he’s now stated that his campaign will be fine-tuned to get back to the roots of his message.

A report on it from AOL News:

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama said on Friday he would fine-tune his U.S. presidential campaign and remind voters of his humble roots after a defeat in Pennsylvania fueled in part by his failure to win over working-class voters.

Obama leads the Democratic race but is in a grueling battle with Hillary Clinton for the right to face Republican John McCain in November’s presidential election. Nine of the state-by-state nominating contests remain before voting ends on June 3.

Obama, an Illinois senator, said he would make adjustments after losing Pennsylvania’s primary election to Clinton on Tuesday. That followed another big-state loss to Clinton, a New York senator, in Ohio in March.

“There’s no doubt that a campaign has to continually fine-tune itself,” Obama told reporters in Indiana, one of two crucial battlegrounds in the next round of contests on May 6.

“You know this has been a long campaign. What worked well three months ago, if you’re doing the exact same thing now, it may not work as well,” said Obama, who racked up a string of wins in February before stumbling in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here’s a little video report from ABC News which sort of relates to Obama’s current challenges:

No doubt Obama has to get back on his message and “Wright” the ship, so to speak. He has been on the defensive over the past several weeks, not speaking to his message of hope and change which are missing from the headlines. Instead he’s still talking about Jeremiah Wright who did a recent interview with Bill Moyers on PBS, looking for video.

I’m wondering if Obama has turned into just another presidential candidate in the media as opposed to the Democratic “rock star” he used to be just a few months ago.