Clinton wants another debate with Obama (Updated)

I don’t blame her, the last debate did her some good only because Obama stumbled a bit. She’s the “underdog” heading into the next contests so she doesn’t have much to lose.

Her challenge and statements from Yahoo News:

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is challenging him for the Democratic presidential nomination, campaigned Friday morning in Jacksonville, N.C., and continued to pressure Obama for a debate before the May 6 primaries there and in Indiana.

Their most recent debate was last week in Philadelphia; North Carolina Democrats recently dropped plans for a debate.

“The only question I can’t answer is why Senator Obama won’t debate me in North Carolina,” Clinton said. “Again, I offer that I’ll go anywhere, anytime, and we’ll have that debate as long as Senator Obama would agree to actually meet me.”

Obama is favored to win in North Carolina; the Indiana race is considered close.

I don’t think it’s going to happen, not at this point during the contests. Obama has made it pretty clear that he’s none too keen on the idea of debating again.


On this topic, Clinton is proposing that she and Obama engage in two debates focused on the northwestern part of the United States. This would be ahead of the Oregon primary on May 20th.

Here’s the clip:

She’s really beating the debate drum, I’m not so sure people are really clamoring for more. In fact, if voters don’t know where both Obama and Clinton stand on every single issue, they’ll never know or they’re choosing to be ignorant.