Obama Attacked From Both Sides in North Carolina – Update: NC GOP Pulls Ad – Update: No, They Don’t

Obama is fixing to be fighting a real battle down in North Carolina. Of course, there will be attacks from Hillary Clinton. However, the North Carolina Republican Party is running some statewide ads which link state politicians to Obama’s “radical” views associated with his former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright. The premise is that they’re criticizing the state politicians who have endorsed Obama as being associated with his liberal record.

A video report on it from CBS News:

This is the full ad the North Carolina Republican Party is running:

I would say picture that ad during the general election, only attacking Obama directly. That will happen endlessly I’m betting from conservative PACs and perhaps more state party entities.

McCain’s campaign has asked for the ad to be taken down, from Mercury News:

INEZ, Ky. – Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, on Wednesday urged GOP officials in North Carolina to pull a TV ad that brands Democratic candidate Barack Obama as “too extreme for North Carolina.”

“We asked them not to run it. I’m sending them an e-mail as we speak,” the Arizona senator told reporters aboard his campaign bus.

Brent Woodcox, communications director for the state party, said it still planned to broadcast the commercial.

“There’s no place for that kind of campaigning – and the American people don’t want it, period,” McCain said.

McCain said he had not seen the North Carolina ad, which states that Obama is too extreme and shows footage of the Illinois senator’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., shouting: “Not God bless America, God damn America.” In a March speech on race, Obama condemned Wright’s remarks but said the pastor was part of his life and he could not disown him.

So if Obama doesn’t have Hillary Clinton criticizing him, he’ll have the state party criticizing him indirectly, but keeping the Wright story on voters’ minds.


Video of McCain condemning the ad, via the AP:

Second Update

The North Carolina Republican Party has pulled the ad, this according to Reuters:

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – North Carolina’s Republican Party on Thursday withdrew an advertisement critical of Democrat Barack Obama’s links to a controversial preacher, Republican John McCain’s campaign said.

McCain senior adviser Charlie Black said he had been informed by the Republican National Committee’s representative in North Carolina, that the state party had agreed to withdraw the ad.

McCain, the Republicans’ presumptive presidential nominee, had appealed to the state party to withdraw the ad, saying he wanted to run a respectful campaign.

Good news for Obama, bad news for Clinton as she stood to benefit from the ad as well.

Third Update

The story keeps changing but apparantly the NC Republican Party does not have plans to pull the ad.

Here’s a press release from the NC GOP website:

RALEIGH—North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Linda Daves made the following statement:

“Contrary to any media reports, the ‘Extreme’ ad will run as scheduled next week. There has never been any intention to pull the ad and it will air.

The ‘Extreme’ ad has garnered attention around the country. I want to thank the people across North Carolina and across the country who have shown overwhelming support for us. Our aim is to tell the truth and ask difficult questions. We will continue to do so.

So that’s that, they’re still planning on running it, much to the chagrin of the McCain campaign.