Following PA Win, Clinton Rakes in Cash

The Pennsylvania victory brought more than a needed victory for the Clinton campaign. Since the win on Tuesday night, her campaign has been raking in the cash from new donors, hand over fist.

Here’s a report on it from the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Turns out Hillary Rodham Clinton’s victory Tuesday came with a cash prize.

In the hours after winning Pennsylvania’s Democratic presidential primary, Clinton’s campaign said she raised $3.5 million.

By midday Wednesday, the campaign estimated the total haul at $10 million raised online in the 24 hours since Pennsylvania’s polls closed, and claimed it was her best fundraising day ever.

Clinton, desperate to fight on against a flush Barack Obama, could certainly use the money.

On Sunday, the campaign revealed that at the end of March it had just over $9 million in the bank and $10 million in debt. Obama had more than $40 million cash on hand at the start of April.

Obama has been able to tap a formidable network of donors that now total more than 1.3 million. Clinton has a smaller donor base and only recently has begun to expand it through Internet solicitation. But a greater share of Clinton’s donors have contributed the maximum $2,300 to the primary allowed by law. That means that to stay within sight of Obama, she has to find new donors — not an easy task this late in a campaign.

Also, here’s a report from CBS News:

This doesn’t exactly close the money gap between the Clinton and Obama campaigns, however, it does provide Clinton some much needed funding to compete heavily in the upcoming contests.