With PA Win, Clinton Argues For Nomination

As if the Pennsylvania primary offered reason to hand one candidate the nomination, Hillary Clinton is talking and acting as if she’s going to be the nominee. Now arguing that wins in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas prove she can deliver for the Democrats come November.

A report on it from USAToday:

One day after soundly defeating Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, Hillary Rodham Clinton pressed her case anew Wednesday that she is the candidate most capable of defeating Republican John McCain in the fall.

“I won that double-digit victory that everybody on TV said I had to win, and the voters of Pennsylvania clearly made their views known — that they think I would be the best president and the better candidate to go against Senator McCain,” Clinton said Wednesday morning in a CNN interview.

She also said she would “stay in it until the nominee is selected,” and pressed the case the delegates she picked up in wins in the Michigan and Florida primaries — two elections held on dates opposed by the national Democratic Party, which so far has refused to recognize the results — should be seated at the party convention.

Clinton soundly defeated Obama in the Pennsylvania primary, a victory that keeps her uphill nomination bid alive as their battle heads into the final six weeks of contests.

Her win only nicks Obama’s lead in pledged delegates, but it does reinforce questions she has raised about whether the Illinois senator can appeal to white working-class voters and carry the big industrial states on which Democrats rely in general elections.

“You know, some people counted me out and said to drop out, but the American people — well, the American people don’t quit, and they deserve a president who doesn’t quit, either,” she told cheering supporters in Philadelphia. “Because of you, the tide is turning.”

Here she is this morning on Fox & Friends arguing that she voters want her to continue toward the nomination:

Here she was also on Good Morning America earlier:

Finally, she was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe as well:

Last night it sounded to me like if she talks like the nominee, acts like the nominee, perhaps she’s hoping she’ll eventually become the nominee. The Clinton campaign is not letting this go down without a fight, and I don’t blame her, there is still a chance she could get it depending on how the superdelegates sway the process.