McCain, The Real Winner in Pennsylvania?

In my opinion, yes he is. In fact, his campaign is now saying they’re content to let the Democrats fight it out while McCain continues pushing his message and agenda, almost unchallenged.

Here’s a report on it from Yahoo News:

TOLEDO, Ohio (Reuters) – Republican John McCain’s presidential campaign is content to let Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fight on.

The prospect for an even longer Democratic battle resulted from Clinton’s defeat of Obama in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, meaning the contest is likely to last at least another two weeks until May 6, when North Carolina and Indiana vote.

As top McCain adviser Mark Salter said, Democrats should “take their time — don’t rush.”

Republican strategists believe McCain has benefited from having won his party’s nomination in March, giving him time to raise much-needed cash and lay the groundwork for his general election campaign, even though the Democratic battle has dominated U.S. headlines.

The Clinton-Obama battle has meant the Democrats have not yet trained all their fire on McCain, a 71-year-old Arizona senator who is seeking to keep the White House in Republican control for a third straight term, a task made even more difficult with the U.S. economy ailing.

“During this period the Democrat interest groups have not been able to focus on McCain,” said Republican strategist Scott Reed. “They’re still focused on struggling with their internal fight.”

On the other hand, to play devil’s advocate, perhaps the Democrats focusing on each other instead of McCain his hurting him with conservative Republicans who aren’t big fans. He’s not being attacked, so conservative pundits don’t feel the need to defend him, rather they can continue criticizing his moderate positions as well.

Either way, McCain is definitely benefiting from the prolonged Democratic fight in terms of retooling his message and figuring out where he can win over independent voters.