Video: Hillary Clinton Wins Pennsylvania Primary

The results are still coming in, however, Hillary Clinton is the projected winner along with, of course, John McCain for the Republican side. Looks like Clinton will take the state over Obama by about 9 to 10 points, as nearly predicted by the polls.

Here’s the announcement of Clinton’s win from CBS News from earlier this evening:

A report on the outcome from Fox News:

Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania Democratic primary Tuesday, riding to victory with a big boost from her core constituencies.

Barack Obama and Clinton, though, are carefully watching their margins to gauge success in the Keystone State. Pre-election surveys showed Clinton leading for weeks in Pennsylvania, but her margin will be critical in shaping how her flagging campaign is viewed going into the remaining nine primaries and caucuses.

With 66 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton had 54 percent and Obama had 46 percent.

“It’s a long road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and it runs right through the heart of Pennsylvania,” Clinton told cheering supporters at a rally Tuesday night in Philadelphia, declaring that “the tide is turning.”

The wider Clinton’s lead, the stronger her argument can be that she is dominating in large swing states critical to Democrats in the general election. Though she’s trailing Obama in pledged delegates, she’s trying to win over uncommitted superdelegates by arguing that she’s more electable against presumptive GOP nominee John McCain.

“Hillary has won all the states we have to win in the general election,” Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe told FOX News after the race was called, touting the fact that Clinton won Pennsylvania despite being outspent in the state by Obama.

Clinton has given a victory speech which I will be posting shortly. Barack Obama will be speaking to supporters soon as well, I’ll also have that video when it’s available.


Here’s video of Clinton’s entire victory speech:


Here is Obama’s entire speech to supporters: