Video: Clinton, Seeing The Window, Makes Her Move (Update)

The most recent gaffe by Obama, about the bitters of small town voters in regard to guns and religion, has given Hillary Clinton an opening for the upcoming Pennsylvania primary.

Here’s the report from Yahoo News:

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A political tempest over Barack Obama’s comments about bitter voters in small towns has given rival Hillary Rodham Clinton a new opening to court working class Democrats 10 days before Pennsylvanians hold a primary that she must win to keep her presidential campaign alive.

Obama tried to quell the furor Saturday, explaining his remarks while also conceding he had chosen his words poorly.

“If I worded things in a way that made people offended, I deeply regret that,” Obama said in an interview with the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal.

But the Clinton campaign fueled the controversy in every place and every way it could, hoping charges that Obama is elitist and arrogant will resonate with the swing voters the candidates are vying for not only in Pennsylvania, but in upcoming primaries in Indiana and North Carolina as well.

Political insiders differed on whether Obama’s comments, which came to light Friday, would become a full-blown political disaster that could prompt party leaders to try to steer the nomination to Clinton even though Obama has more pledged delegates. Clinton supporters were eagerly hoping so.

I’d have to say the Clinton campaign probably couldn’t have asked for a better window of opportunity to criticize Obama. One could say that the Jeremiah Wright controversy was the extent of that opportunity. Apparently not so given Obama’s recent comments.

Update by Michael, April 15, 2008
Here is a segment from The Daily Show, reviewing the media’s coverage of Obama’s gaffe, and Hillary Clinton’s reaction to it: