The Coming Environmental Fascism

Just hold the election today and we’ll wait until January to swear in the winner. That way the insanity that happens during election season can be done with. I am telling you, politicians get crazy when their job is on the line. Think of it this way, why is the federal government sending out “free money” in the form of an “Economic Stimulus Package?” I’ll tell you why, because they like buying votes with other people’s money.

Of course, Obama, Clinton, and McCain, all had to sign on to some type of “bailout” for homeowners suffering from a choice to not read their mortgage terms. Had this not been an insane election year, I’m doubting we’d have as much ridiculousness amongst the politicians. Of course you always have the nuts running around trying to handout taxpayer money but it’s nowhere near the Niagara Falls-like rush that occurs during a presidential election.

Changing the subject a bit, global warming has been a big topic this election cycle as well. So big in fact, that we all watch Obama, Clinton, and McCain talk about it and then get back on their buses, SUVs, and private jets to go to another event and tell more people about the “plight” of global warming. Never mind that the winter of 2007-2008 was one of the coldest on record, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good liberal argument. Furthermore, a new report showed NASA’s satellites recording a bout of global cooling:

A century of solar warming has ended; our planet is cooling.

NASA’s eight weather satellites recorded global cooling of .7 degree Celsius during the last year. The temperature decline nearly erased the one degree Celsius global warming of the previous 100 years.

In addition, record cold temperatures were recorded during the year in Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Chile, and Argentina. China had its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad experienced its first snow in recorded history. The winter snow coverage in North America was the most in 50 years.

The current global cooling is consistent with the two-year absence of sunspot activity observed by Kenneth Tapping, a solar researcher for Canada’s National Research Council. Tapping warns that a three-year succession of no sunspots, called a Maunder Minimum, has invariably preceded an extended period of cooling.

The Maunder Minimum of 1650, the most recent, was followed by 35 frigid winters, summers, major crop failures and famine.

Will Obama, Clinton, or McCain acknowledge the slightest possibility that our planet naturally warms and cools? Of course not, that would be downright sane and logical.

Unfortunately for anyone who enjoys intellectual honesty, scientific freedom, and the examination of facts, all three of the current candidates believe in man-made global warming and they believe it’s the biggest threat currently facing mankind. That alone is proof enough that we basically have three Democrats remaining as candidates now. Ignore the fact that the earth has gone through cooling and warming for thousands of years, it doesn’t fit into the latest media fad.

Furthermore, because politicians, including our lovely presidential candidates, have all lost their friggin’ minds, I soon will not be able to purchase the type of light bulb I prefer. Why is this you ask? Well it’s a little known fact that recent legislation will soon outlaw the incandescent bulb and force us all to buy mercury-containing compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Do keep in mind that if the CFL bulb should break, you are to leave the room for an hour and let the mercury dissipate. That’s not a joke or exaggeration either. Obama, Clinton, and McCain all seem to be just peachy with this and buy into the insanity.

My point in all this, besides ranting, is that I am ready for the election to be held today. Either way we’re all going to be screwed into environmental fascism. Why is that liberals scream bloody murder over the Bush administration allegedly “stealing their freedom” yet they swoon with glee when the federal government literally does steal their freedom by telling them what kind of light bulb they can buy, what kind of gasoline they can use, or what kind of car they can drive?

Then again, that’s right, stealing our freedom is fine with liberals as long as it fits their agenda. In the case of the ’08 election, each candidate supports the environmental fascism that is slowly coming upon us. That is, unless, the fraudulent hucksters pushing the global warming propaganda are exposed as the charlatans they truly are.

As such, I implore John McCain to drop his bid for the presidency and immediately instruct his delegates to support Fred Thompson.