Obama’s Lead Over McCain Diminishes, Now Tied

It’s one new poll but it does show a bit of a trend. Obama has taken a punch since the Jeremiah Wright controversy and the general badgering from the McCain and Clinton campaigns. It’s an interesting dynamic as he’s taking hits from many places now.

Here’s the report from USAToday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican John McCain tried to bolster his economic credentials as a new poll showed he had erased Barack Obama’s 10-point advantage in a head-to-head presidential matchup, leaving him essentially tied with both Democratic candidates.

In a further boost to McCain, many supporters of Obama and rival Hillary Rodham Clinton are so strongly divided that they say they would rather vote for him if their candidate does not get the Democratic nomination, according to the Associated Press-Ipsos poll released Thursday.

The Republican nominee-in-waiting sought Thursday to fend off criticism that he has been indifferent to the U.S. housing crisis and the weak economy by outlining a plan to help homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages.

The veteran senator said he would help 200,000 to 400,000 homeowners trade burdensome mortgages for manageable loans in a speech in New York City’s Brooklyn borough. Aides said the plan could cost from $3 billion to $10 billion (euro2 billion to euro6 billion).

Between the two Democrats, the poll numbers were unchanged from February, with Obama at 46% and Clinton at 43%.

Also, here’s a video report from Fox News:

It’s one poll and they change all the time. The RCP average of Obama vs. McCain still shows Obama with 0.6 point lead. However, examining the chart does show that McCain has tightened the race in general.