April 27th North Carolina Debate Might Not Happen

This is the latest coming in as neither Obama nor Clinton has agreed to the same day for a North Carolina debate this month. The latest is that they still haven’t agreed on a day though CBS would very much like it to take place considering their ratings. The proposed date would be April 27th.

Here’s the story on it from PostBulletin.com:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A debate in North Carolina between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, proposed for April 27, is hanging in the balance.

Obama, the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, declined on Friday to commit to debating in the state before the May 6 primary elections. In a telephone interview with The Charlotte Observer, he cited scheduling difficulties and suggested voters might not get much out of a debate anyway.

The two candidates have appeared in 20 debates, with another set for Wednesday in Pennsylvania.

“I will tell you, after the 21st debate — all of which have been nationally televised, and so North Carolinians have had ample opportunity to watch these debates — I don’t know that they are ending up being more informative than the kinds of town hall meetings that we’ve scheduled,” Obama said.

This does not affect the April 16th debate which is scheduled to take place on the ABC broadcast network, don’t have a time yet but I’ll keep you all posted. Both candidates have committed and that is scheduled to happen.