Video: Elton John Endorses Hillary, Performs

Elton John was on New York City last night performing a fund raising concert for Hillary Clinton. They ended up pulling in about $2.5 million so it was a pretty good night for Clinton.

Here’s some video and a report from the Associated Press:

Here’s a report from the New York Daily News:

Elton John used Hillary Clinton’s $2.5 million fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall Wednesday night to stand up for women’s rights.

“I never cease to be amazed at the misogynistic attitude of some of the people of this country, and I say to hell with it,” said John, clad in a sequined black dinner jacket, red silk shirt and red sunglasses. “I love you, Hillary, and I’ll be there for you just like all the times you were there for me. Hillary should be the next President of America.”

The concert, billed as “Elton-Hillary: One Night Only” sold out just this week, with 6,000 tickets ranging in price from $125 to $2,300, according to a spokesman for the Clinton campaign.

Clinton introduced John as “a friend of Bill’s and mine for many years,” and recalled how moved she was when she heard him perform “Candle in the Wind” at Princess Diana’s funeral.

Before leaving the stage, the Democratic presidential hopeful also thanked John’s longtime partner, David Furnish, “for his support and his efforts on behalf of so many causes. And I think all of us can conclude the answer to the following question, ‘Can you feel the love tonight?’ ”

To close her remarks, she riffed on yet another John song.

“What I want you to know is, I’m still standing,” she said.