Video: Presidential Candidates Question Petraeus, Crocker on Iraq – Updated

Today on Capital Hill all three presidential candidates had the chance to question Gen. David Petraeus during today’s hearings over the progress of the Iraq War. I watched a bit of it and found Clinton to be strong in her questioning yet reserved enough as to not seem overly critical of Petraeus. Obama will be taking the mic soon with his line of questioning around 5pm est, I’ll post video of when it’s up.

First, here’s some video of McCain’s line of questioning:

McCain was much more accepting of Petraeus as he’s been an advocate for the troop surge.

Here’s Clinton with some questions:

Here’s a report on Clinton and McCain from CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The sharp differences between Sen. John McCain and the Democratic presidential candidates over the war in Iraq shared the spotlight during Senate hearings Tuesday.

Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said success in Iraq was “within reach” at the beginning of high-profile hearing on the Iraq involving Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. general in Iraq, and Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, the top American diplomat in Baghdad.

“Our goal — my goal — is an Iraq that no longer needs American troops, and I believe we can achieve that goal, perhaps sooner than many imagine,” McCain said. “But I also believe that the promise of withdrawal of our forces regardless of the consequences would constitute a failure of political and moral leadership.”

“Success, the establishment of peaceful, democratic state, the defeat of terrorism — this success is within reach,” he said. “Congress must not choose to lose in Iraq. We must choose to succeed.”

In an apparent response to McCain, Sen. Hillary Clinton Tuesday said the opposite was true: It would be “irresponsible” to continue a failed policy in Iraq.

She said it was “time to begin an orderly process of withdrawing our troops” from Iraq in order to focus on Afghanistan and other U.S. interests.

“It might well be irresponsible to continue the policy that has not produced results that have been promised time and time again,” she said, noting a “lack of political progress over the past six months” in Iraq.

McCain as well as Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama, the two rivals for the Democratic nomination, will have opportunities to question Petraeus and Crocker before the day is over.

As mentioned, Obama has not yet had the opportunity to question Petraeus and Crocker, I’ll post that video once it’s up.

In the mean time, here’s video of Obama on the Today Show this morning discussing the hearings:

He’s just taking the chair now and will be speaking soon.


Here’s video of Obama’s questioning: