Condi Rice Continues Denial of McCain VP Possibility

The rumors have been swirling for several days now as to whether Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is being courted or considered as John McCain’s Vice Presidential pick.

Here’s the report on it from Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Condoleezza Rice has plans to head West after her time as secretary of State—not plans to be vice president.

She stressed Tuesday that she has no aspirations to join John McCain as his running mate on the Republican presidential ticket this fall. McCain, an Arizona senator, has wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination.

“Senator McCain is an extraordinary American, a really outstanding leader and obviously a great patriot,” Rice said at a State Department news conference with the foreign ministers of Canada and Mexico. “That said, I am going back to Stanford, back to California, west of the Mississippi. I very much look forward to watching this campaign and voting as a voter.”

Also, here’s a video report from the Associated Press:

To be honest, I think McCain could make a much better choice than Condi. First of all, if he wants to avoid being labeled as “Bush’s third term” by his Democratic opponent, I would suggest not choosing an official directly involved with the Bush administration. She may be qualified but I think she’d hurt his campaign more than help.