Finally: McCain Raises $15 Million in March

McCain has finally gotten on the fund raising bandwagon and raised a respectable $15 million which still pales in comparison to his Democratic opponents. However, it’s the numbers McCain’s campaign has been looking for since clenching the nomination.

Here’s the story on it from The Atlantic:

Sen. John McCain’s fundraising is picking up, relatively speaking.

In March, officials said he raised about $15M, his best month since early 2007 and well above his $2M-per-month pace in late 2007. The final number is still being tallied.

$11m came from a spurt in the campaign’s high-dollar fundraising. $4m was raised through direct mail and Internet efforts.

A campaign spokesperson did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

The campaign is on track to meet its internal budget goal of about $57M through the start of the Republican convention and an additional $20M for a legal compliance fund.

McCain’s fundraising team has also been tasked with raising about $100m into the Republican National Committee’s Victory Fund, which will be spent in the fall. The campaign itself has stopped raising money for the general election and intends to accept the $85m from the federal government.

Still, his fund raising pool doesn’t seem to be very wide as only about $4 million has come from direct mail and internet efforts. The other $11 million were from “high-dollar” fund raising. This will be good news for his campaign and supporters but it’s still way below where needs to be in order to financially compete with Obama’s tremendous donor pool.