Obama, Clinton Scoff at Vice Presidential Picks

The Politico has an interesting piece examining all the possible VP picks for the Democratic candidates. As they rightly point out, this time around is very different than 2004 when John Kerry came into the nomination quite early and was already choosing a VP by this time.

Here’s the story:

Four years ago today, The New York Times reported that an adviser to John Kerry had completed interviews with four contenders for the vice presidential nomination.

Today, both Democratic campaigns are laughing off the notion of choosing a running mate, instead endeavoring to make sure they’re in a position to make the choice.

“We’re singularly focused on the nomination fight,” said Bill Burton, a spokesman for Barack Obama.

“It’s premature. Our focus is on securing the nomination,” said Phil Singer, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton.

Early it may be, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about vice presidential options for the two Democrats.

In Clinton’s orbit, three Midwesterners have made known their willingness to throw rhetorical punches, eat fried food and dial into conference calls on her behalf.

As for Obama, insiders have zeroed in on party graybeards who would add heft to the ticket.

So who are the possible picks? Here’s the list for each candidate:

Barack Obama:

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson
New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg
Former Indiana Rep. Tim Roemer
Former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn
Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine
Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano
Retired Gen. Colin Powell
Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner
Virginia Sen. Jim Webb
Former South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle
New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Out of the Obama list given by Politico, I’d have to favor either Bill Richardson or perhaps Mike Bloomberg. Richardson has foreign policy credentials, something Obama sorely needs. Bloomberg has the independent streak in him and serious financial experience, something else Obama needs. Of course, the possibility of Hillary Clinton is also on the list, and that may be how it ends up, but if given the choice, Obama would be better served by someone less divisive in my opinion.

Hillary Clinton:

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland
Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack
Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh
Illinois Sen. Barack Obama
Florida Sen. Bill Nelson
Retired Gen. Wes Clark

Of the Clinton list given by Politico, I’d actually take Obama out of any of them. He doesn’t need her, but I think she needs him on the ticket should she become the nominee. Next to Obama, perhaps some midwest governor like Vilsack or Strickland would add more to her ticket.

On the GOP side, the process of choosing a VP seems to have begun as McCain is now vetting possible choices. I don’t think it’s going to be Romney, mainly because that would not being strong social conservative credentials to the ticket. I could see Huckabee over Romney, honestly.