Clinton Still Calling For Michigan, Florida to be Counted

Despite the fact that Florida, and now Michigan, have ruled out new primaries, Hillary Clinton is still calling for the votes to be counted. I can see Florida perhaps, but Michigan was a farce since no other candidates were on the ballot.

The report on it from Fox News:

Hillary Clinton strengthened her pitch to recognize the discounted Florida and Michigan primaries Saturday following the collapse of yet another re-do primary proposal.

The pitch potentially lays the groundwork for her to make the case to uncommitted superdelegates that she’s the popular vote favorite should she narrow the gap with Barack Obama in the upcoming contests.

“I will … keep fighting to make sure the votes of the people in Florida and Michigan are counted,” Clinton said in Hillsboro, Ore., Saturday. “2.3 million voters turned out.”

The New York senator won both primaries in January, but neither candidate campaigned there ahead of the vote and Obama was not even on the ballot in Michigan. The Democratic Party stripped the states of their delegations for holding early primaries in violation of party rules.

“Now some say their votes should be ignored and that the popular vote in Michigan and Florida should just be discounted. Well I have a different view,” Clinton said Saturday. “The popular vote in Florida and Michigan has already been counted. It was determined by election results, it was certified by election officials in each state. It’s been officially tallied by the secretary of state in each state.”

Clinton is arguing anew that those elections were bona fide tests of the candidates’ appeal among voters, after Michigan Democrats on Friday formally ditched the latest effort to hold a do-over primary. Florida has done the same, effectively killing chances of holding re-dos of any kind.

This is becoming a broken record from the Clinton campaign. She’s basically trying to “count” Florida and Michigan as a means to gain more of the popular vote. In return, she’ll be able to sway superdelegates by arguing she has won a good number of popular votes.

I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less since she doesn’t plan to drop out. Any backing off her original stands could be seen as a weakness and/or acknowledgment by her campaign that she can’t win.