Video: “Hanoi” Jane Fonda Endorses Obama for ’08

This is probably one endorsement he could do without. I don’t think you’ll be seeing them campaign together anytime soon, or ever. In a moment of zen, Fonda yelled out “Obama” as she stepped into the vehicle.

Here’s the video on it from TMZ:

The LA Times thinks that spells the end of his crossover votes:

Jane Fonda, the actress and ardent anti-Vietnam War advocate who visited North Vietnam during those hostilities, has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president.

There were no formal ceremonies for the endorsement. In fact, the Obama campaign may just be learning about the actress’s approval now as word spreads like lit gunpowder via the Internet.

Fonda was eating out last night and exited the restaurant, ignoring as celebrities often do the assembled press contingent.

But a video camera was rolling as she approached the street and someone, perhaps just trying to get her to turn around for a picture, shouted out at her back, “Who are you going to vote for?”

There was a moment of silence. Then, the actress did turn around toward the cameras, paused and with a smile said simply, “Obama!” Then she got into a car and drove away.

Can’t hold it against Obama though, she’s not part of his campaign or anything close to it. Still, one wonders if he’ll be forced to “denounce” the endorsement if Hillary starts badgering him for it.