Pennsylvania Polls Show the Race Tightening

Clinton still leads but the polls have been tightening over the past week or so. One poll even shows Obama with a couple point lead but I’ll get to that later. I trust the RealClearPolitics poll averages more than a single poll.

Here’s the latest graph which shows the tightening:


Clinton, show in purple, has taken a slight dive as of late. Obama, in the green, has seen a little boost despite the Jeremiah Wright controversy, which he seems to have weathered, at least for now.

Now, this new Public Policy Polling poll shows Obama leading:

Barack Obama 45
Hillary Clinton 43

Barack Obama has taken the lead in Pennsylvania, a remarkable turnaround after trailing Hillary Clinton by 26 points in a PPP poll in the state just two and a half weeks ago.

Obama’s steep rise could be a reflection of a growing sense among Democratic voters that a continued divisive nomination process will hurt the party’s chances of defeating John McCain this fall. An Obama upset in Pennsylvania would be virtually certain to force Clinton out of the race.

I’ve not really followed this polling organization much so I can’t put much stock in this poll. It does reflect Obama’s recent surge but I don’t think he’s surged all that much, a few points perhaps.

Still, the Pennsylvania race is indeed tightening, as expected, which will only hurt Clinton if she wins the state by a smaller margin.