Video: Clinton, Obama Stump In Pennsylvania

Both Clinton and Obama have been hitting Pennsylvania heavy in the past couple weeks. Here’s a video report on it all from the Associated Press with some clips of recent campaigning:

I keep reading more and more stories with titles like “Pennsylvania is do-or-die for Clinton” and frankly, I’m a bit sick of those headlines. I’ve heard the “do-or-die” statements since New Hampshire. It seems absurd and I’ll explain why.

Obama has all but locked-up the nomination in terms of pledged delegates. Mathematically there is no “do-or-die” for Clinton no matter what happens. She can “do” from now until the last primary and it won’t make a difference. She can win every state but because of the proportional delegate system in the Democratic primary process, it won’t make a difference.

The “do-or-die” happened already and, in terms of pledged delegates won from primaries and caucuses, she died. Now, she still has a chance to take the nomination with superdelegates but most Democratic officials, including DNC Chairman Howard Dean, do not want to see a messy superdelegate fight.