Obama Claiming Majority in Texas Caucus

As Texas continues to sort out its political processes the numbers are piling up in favor of Senator Barack Obama. Obama’s significant edge in the Texas Caucus would signal his overall win in Texas delegates, due to Clinton’s marginal lead in the Texas primary (51-47).

According to the Associated Press, March 30, 2008:

Obama won 2,406 delegates to the state convention, or 60 percent, in the Saturday caucuses, compared with 1,600 delegates, or 40 percent, for Clinton, according to an ongoing count Sunday by The Associated Press. There were still about 3,300 others to be counted.

Obama’s campaign predicted he would win the overall delegate race in Texas because of caucus support, even though Clinton narrowly won the popular vote in primary balloting March 4.

The caucus delegates ultimately will be winnowed and divvied up in June.

Clinton’s campaign is focusing on its victories in selected precincts that are predominantly Latino and Mexican. Obama’s overall victory in Texas would not be a surprise for many pundits; however, it would not help Clinton as she weathers an increasing amount of Democratic and media scrutiny.