Video: Obama Makes His Case on The View

Appealing to the female voters Barack Obama appeared on The View yesterday, his first since announcing his Democratic bid for the presidency. His visit had both substance and fluff. Topics ranged from Obama’s relationship with Brad Pitt, to his top three priorities to get done if he became President. The View is an Emmy award-winning show on ABC in its eleventh year and is designed to present women with different perspectives. It is currently moderated by Whoopi Goldberg.

Through the course of the interview, a few members of The View acknowledged they had recently switched their allegiance from Clinton to Obama:

Another brief clip where Obama discusses his role in the White House:

At one point Obama received criticism about his relationship with Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Sunlen Miller of ABC News, March 28, 2008

The Senator, who is currently leading Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., in the pledged delegate count for the 2008 Democratic nomination, agreed Wright’s remarks are “rightly offensive.”

Obama described Wright as a “brilliant man who was still stuck in a time warp.”

“View” co-host Elisabeth Hasslebeck expressed concern that Obama’s choice of pastor may show a lack of judgment.

The candidate explained, “Part of what my role in my politics is to get people who don’t normally listen to each other, to talk to each other, who [say] crazy things, who are offended by each other, for me to understand them and to maybe help them understand each other.”

Obama said he talked to Wright after the controversy erupted.

“I think he’s saddened by what’s happened, and I told him I feel badly that he has been characterized just in this one way, and people haven’t seen this broader aspect of him,” Obama said.

Obama addressed to a large extent Clinton’s base of support during this appearance and may continue to make efforts to capture some of her supporters’ interests as it gets closer to the Pennsylvania primary.