Video: Clinton Remains Defiant on Calls to Quit

The chorus of Democrats, namely Obama supporters, calling for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race seems to be growing on a daily basis. Not getting overly huge, but some top elected Democratic leaders are now doing a little more than hinting that they think Clinton should drop out of the race.

Here’s the report on it from Fox News:

Hillary Clinton, under mounting pressure to bow out of the presidential race and avoid a floor fight at the Democratic National Convention in August, is standing firm in her determination to fight Barack Obama to the finish.

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, a former candidate himself, said Clinton has virtually no chance of winning, and Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont said Friday the New York senator should just end her campaign.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants the party’s uncommitted superdelegates to support the candidate who has the most votes, which to this point is Obama. And Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean on Friday urged all those superdelegates to announce whom they will support by July 1.

But Clinton says she will not abide by anyone’s timetable.

Here is Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, a Barack Obama supporter, speaking as to why he thinks she should quit:

Also, here’s a video report from CBS News covering this topic as well:

This is a very interesting dynamic to watch unfold. In actuality, Obama will maintain the delegate lead. However, Hillary is right on his heels though she will not be able to overcome even with a Pennsylvania victory. Therefore, for the “good” of the party, they should begin backing a candidate. On the other hand, I can’t imagine her dropping out at this point until she’s forced to.

The vote is very close and it doesn’t seem that Democratic voters are 100% behind either candidate so it’s difficult to take what her critics say and believe the party has chosen a leader in Obama. He has the majority of delegates but it’s a slight margin. Clearly this is why Dean is hoping to have it all figured out by July 1st.